if this isn’t liam’s chosen outfit for the ice bucket challenge…


…i am going to be bitterly disappointed.

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Anonymous said: Thank you so much for the advice. Wishing for that Neil Armstrong day to come sooner. Anyway, you are awesome and I hope your life is going great. Love, Apollo

You’re welcome, babe! Life’s all right, I’ve got some weird highs and some weird lows all at the same time but I’m just rolling with them. :] Love you too, babe! xx

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But when Louis asks him if its scary up here and he says yes




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Nashville, 08.19 x

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So, talking about superheroes…


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Anonymous said: Hey, so funny story I am starting High school on monday and I am having constant panic attacks. Im so nervous oh god. Yeah my story wasn't really that funny sorry. (also a little side note, i have been very busy but i still love you and miss you) Love, Apollo.

Hey Apollo!!

I understand your anxiety; high school is always hard because it’s so new and different, and even more so since you’re going to that special arts school. But just remember that everyone is nervous, and it’s going to be new and different for everyone, not just you. It’ll be scary at first, but it’ll turn out okay. I had a great time in high school once I realized everyone was so busy worrying about themselves that they spent no time at all judging or worrying about me.

Tell me how it goes on the first day, okay? and remember even if it’s a Michael Collins day, there are many Neil Armstrong days in your future. :)

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hmm yeah

i just would not trust my baby to onstage harry styles

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