Anonymous said: How do you finger yourself if you're a virgin?

Being a virgin doesn’t have much to do with it! It’s the same for everyone whether or not you’ve had sex before. “Virgin,” culturally, usually just refers to whether or not your hymen has been broken or stretched, which is usually done by a penis the first time you have sex but it can also be broken earlier from physical activity. It doesn’t make a difference. Rather than give you a play-by-play I suggest watching a little porn (you can even start with tumblr) and just do what feels best. It’s not always the same for everyone, anyway. Just make sure you’re alone and comfortable!

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RJ, Brazil. May 8, 2014.

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Where We Are: The Concert Film



niam walking out of the arena - (sydney)

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Anonymous said: i know this isnt ur job to listen but ive seen what people write and how u answer them and it feels nice to know that someone out there can actually care even if we are both strangers but i just wanted to say that its my 18 birthday on saturday and in canada im legal but whats the point of celebrating ur birth when u feel like u were a mistake when no one seems to care but they really do, that the world around me isnt bad at all but u always feel like shit & all u think of at night is happiness

Of course I care! I said this a while ago but in case you forgot, even though I wasn’t in high school that long ago, it’s sooooo different from when I went. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you guys to go through all the drama of high school when everyone is so interconnected with smartphones. Like when I was in high school, iPhones had just come out and the only app people had was one that made fart noises when you pushed the button. That and the light saber one. That was a huge deal. So going through everything with twitter and snapchat and kik and nudes and flappy bird is absolutely incredible and you guys don’t get nearly enough credit for it.

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Some 15 year old just called me a directionator and I was like HAHAHAH IF ONLY U KNEW I WROTE HELLA SMUTTY FANFIC ON THE INTERNET LOLLLLL

people still use the term “directionator?”

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Are we gonna talk about this

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You guys, Liam’s doing the thing again.



Will it ever stop?  (P.S. I don’t want it to ever stop)

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